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About Me





I studied Photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag, Netherlands, and have been a successful independent photographer since 1992.

I photographed for various magazines (leading dutch rock magazine OOR, WATT, Fret, Strickly), shooting celebrities as well as CD covers for record companies and artists, books and publications around the world.


In my career music and rock and roll played an important role.

My photographic interests range from portraits of celebrities and musicians to "the common man" and "girl next door".


When i became a mother of two fantastic boys and moving to Spain in 2012 my life changed a lot.

I focussed more on children, animals and nature, wich made me very happy.


Trying to be in the moment is my most important goal.

It allows me to make the pictures i take, upclose and personal, even if the subject is at a distance.

I'm trying to catch that specific moment which makes the picture come across as if you were there.

This is what i continiously try to achieve each time i reach for my camera.


People, animals and nature are my passion, and they will always inspire me to be the centre of my work.


















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